who we are

SAVVY MEDIA is a Dublin based company specializing in media technology. Offering professional website design and management, to promote brand awareness. Using both e-commerce and e-marketing, combined with professionally branded social media sites SAVVY MEDIA aim to grow your business.

We use our experience to offer you our customer a fresh approach towards how we develop your websites. This not only results in a smoother development from start to finish but also allowed us to offer what we believe to be the most competitive service in the industry.

Stephen & Colm McCarthy bring over 40 years experience together to offer you an unbeatable team to help drive your business forward. With backgrounds in print, design, programming and web development combined with superior IT knowledge Savvy Media should be your media technology partner.

web history

1986 -
The National Science Foundation funded NSFNet as a cross country 56 Kbps backbone for the Internet.
1991 -
Tim Berners-Lee and others at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, more popularly known as CERN, proposed a new protocol for information distribution. This protocol, which became the World Wide Web.
1993 -
The development of the graphical browser Mosaic by Marc Andreessen, He later moved to become the brains behind Netscape.
1998 -
Microsoft's full scale entry into the browser, server, and Internet Service Provider market completed the major shift over to a commercially based Internet. Windows 98.
2012 -
The Internet has become ubiquitous, faster, and increasingly accessible, social networking and collaborative services have grown rapidly, enabling people to communicate and share interests in many more ways. Sites like Facebook , Twitter , Linked-In , YouTube , Flickr , and many more let people of all ages rapidly share their interests of the moment with others everywhere.

your opportunity

Heraclitus said in the 4th century BC, "Nothing is permanent, but change!"

At a time when PC, MAC and smartphone ownership here has never been greater, and broadband availability continues to improve, this is the time for small businesses to utilize e-commerce capability in Ireland and beyond.

The starting point for making an impact online should be a website which combines strong design with clear functionality and e-commerce capability. Investing in a good web designer is essential, and SAVVY MEDIA is the home of excellent talent.

Whether it's selling a product, building brand loyalty or supporting an existing offline business, a great website should be informative, easy to navigate, and designed to facilitate purchases and enquirers. While the upfront costs may sound prohibitive, the investment will ultimately contribute to the bottom line.

The omission of e-commerce features such as an online shopping cart is tantamount to turning the 'closed' sign in your shop window when you could be open 24/7, generating money while you sleep.

Let SAVVY MEDIA partner you, where here to grow your business and generate extra revenue. That is our business.